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Building a Skincare Routine that Works

Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the gorgeous of them all? “Not me!”. Do you have a similar response? Does going in front of the mirror stresses you up? I know as a skin conscious person it can send shivers down the spine. Skincare can be quite confusing.  What’s the best lotion out there? Is this the right serum for my skin? Well, all this information can be tricky to handle. In other words, it tends to get overwhelming.

Well, if you’re looking for an ideal skincare routine, here is what you can do.

Know Your Skin Type

Selecting the right product depends a lot on the type of skin you have. There might be products that claim they are suited for all kinds of skin that but that’s not true. How is a product designed for dry skin supposed to work for oily skin? That’s simple logic. Don’t be fooled by the advertisements. The companies want to mint money and it’s not your job to feed them. Well, what are the different skin types? Dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, and normal skin. Just figure out the type of skin and follow the skincare routine that gifts the results you want. 

Start with Cleansing

Before applying any of the skincare products it’s important to prepare the skin for it. You need to remove the dirt and all the junk deposited on your skin. Cleansing should start right in the morning. Now, that doesn’t mean that you’ll grab a random soap and splash water on your face. Just take some lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser at the start of the day. The main aim is to clean the skin without being harsh. So, just be gentle on your skin. After cleansing, pat your skin dry with a towel. Follow this process twice a day, once in the morning and then in the evening. 


After cleansing your skin, it’s important to tone it up. The job of a toner is to enhance the receptivity of skin to absorb the products effectively. It works by opening up your pores to enable proper absorption. Apply it directly after cleansing to lock the moisture right there. When you buy a toner, read the instruction label carefully. A healthy way to do it is by using a cotton pad. Gently apply it all over your skin with a cotton pad and spread it evenly. Pay attention to the hard to reach areas such as eyebrows, side of the nose, and hairline.  Just make sure your hands are clean before you apply it on your skin. 

Apply the Serum

A serum is supposed to penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. It is filled with active ingredients that are useful for the skin. They ensure your skin is free from wrinkles and acne. This keeps your skin blemish-free and keep it healthy. Usually, serums are applied directly after the toners and before the moisturizers or SPF. A general way to apply is with the fingers and spread it all over the skin. Just make sure it covers the entire surface of the face and penetrates deep into the skin. 

Moisturization is Important

The main job of moisturizing is to hydrate the skin. It keeps the skin soft and ensures your skin retains a balance of natural oils. Experts say that as we age, the skin tends to get drier. So, moisturizing is important to retain the softness and elasticity of the skin. You should apply the moisturizer just before applying the final makeup. Just buy the right moisturizer and apply it evenly across your face. Nose, chin, forehead, neck, and cheeks. If you maintain a healthy moisturization routine it can bring the characteristic shine to your skin and keep it attractive. 

Understand that Day and Night Creams are Different

Day creams are particularly light on the skin. They are meant to shield you from the harmful components in the environment and keep it in a balanced state. They are loaded with antioxidants to remove the harmful free-radicals from the skin. They might have SPF to protect you from the ultraviolet rays and the intensity of the skin. On the other hand, night creams might have a heavier texture. They are meant to repair any damage to the skin and supplement the moisture loss. Also, they contain retinol to prevent dark spots and promote skin turnover. 

Keep an Eye Cream

How many of you use eye creams? Well, it’s not something that everyone uses. Let’s not forget that the area under the eyes is prone to wrinkles and fine lines. So, you need to take care of them. Eye creams are meant to do that. Dehydration, sun, and lack of sleep are the main contributing factors that induce damage on the eye skin. A good eye cream can moisturize, tighten, brighten, and hydrate the skin. If you have any issues, don’t be shy to use an eye cream. 

Try To Be Stress Free

The truth is no matter how much you take care of your skin with the help of beauty products, it is only when you are happy from the inside that your skin truly glows. An emotional support dog is a great way to effectively manage your stress.

Healthy skin is not something hard to achieve if you’re aware of the basics. Also, make sure you don’t sleep wearing makeup. It can cause more harm than good. Just cleanse your skin after your day finishes and finish it with a night cream. If you follow this routine regularly, it can bring a sense of balance in your skin and keep it healthy at all times. You think you can do it? I guess it’s not hard to achieve.  

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7 Skincare Regime Mistakes Every Woman Makes

In the past couple of years, it is very evident that we are in the middle of a skincare revolution. We today more than ever are looking at options to enhance the base of our beauty, even though now more than ever, we have got products that offer coverage that was unprecedented before. Your skin is your largest organ and was earlier also highly neglected. Things, of course, have changed. Over complicated skin routines run rampant. It is challenging to cut through the clutter to achieve your dream skin. You might be loaded with ointments that claim to be miraculous, serums that are more boujee than any piece of jewelry that you own, or maybe you are stocked to the brim with sheet masks and are into the whole K beauty trend.


You could have eleven steps in your skincare routine, or you could have five. It doesn’t matter; you could be going wrong at any of those steps. I love the whole routine of cleansing, toner, and so on along with sheet masks twice a week, but I too at one point was guilty of going a little overboard. So, what are the mistakes that you might make with your skincare regime?


You Cleanse Too Often

God knows from where but someone, once upon a time, propagated that the probability of getting acne decreases if you wash your face often. I regret to inform you that, my friend, is not the case. If you continuously keep cleaning your face, the only thing you manage to accomplish is stripping the top layer of your skin of oil that can make the skin release more oil. This leads to the release of more oil, causing whiteheads, blackheads, clogged pores, and my favorite acne. If your goal is to have a balanced skin, then limit your cleansing to twice a day, and always follow up with a moisturizer.


You Tug On Your Under-Eye Area

I believe laugh lines are beautiful, look at Diane Keaton; I love her. But if you keep on pulling at the delicate layer of skin around your eyes, you could be aiding in premature aging. This action usually takes place when you are removing eye makeup through vigorous rubbing. Instead, hold a remover on your eyelids and gently wipe away. Similarly, take an extremely light approach while patting on some eye cream as well. Pat along the contours of your eyes using your ring finger as that would apply the least amount of pressure on the under the eye. Pat away till it sets in.


Choosing The Wrong Skincare Product

Skin is not a one-size fit all. What is working for the majority doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. A huge part of you might want to just but all of those pretty lotion in all the pretty bottles on aisles but don’t. Stick to products that are -first, formulated for your skin type, second -contain ingredients that you are not allergic. The ideal product is what you achieve at the end of a tedious journey. E.g., Oily skin handles a foaming face wash well, whereas a creamy cleanser is excellent for sensitive skin.


You Believe In Lather

People are no longer as dirty as they used to be in earlier times. You are no longer covered in grime at the end of the day. The only place where your shower gel needs to go is where you have concentrated sweat glands. Nowhere else. Behind the ears, armpits, groin, and that’s just about it. Let the rest of your skin can breathe.


You Put On Too Much Product

This one, most of us are responsible for inflicting on our skin. We have this weird cultural thing where more is somehow better. It is not. We rarely need as much product as we are currently putting on our face. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover our face; beyond this is just giving into our nature of going overboard.


Keeping Your Makeup On All Night

Even the best of us go through this one. With alarming frequency, I must add.  It does not make it okay, however. Makeup blocks our glands, and if you sweat or produce oil throughout the night (let’s be honest, you will ), you will end up clogging your pores. If your defense is that I don’t even put on that much makeup, I just do the eyes, and that can’t be that bad.


Well, you are wrong. Sleeping in your mascara or eye shadow can lead to the pigments falling inside your eyes. That can lead to eyelid dermatitis and conjunctivitis. The skin on the eyelid is the thinnest on the body and can be easily infected. If the whole routine seems too much after a long night, use a wipe that should be enough to keep the infection at bay.


You Do Your Routine Right Before You Sleep

Your skin needs time to absorb all the things that you put on it as a part of your skincare routine. If you don’t give it time to dry up, then you might end up wiping it all your skincare away on your hair and pillowcase. Also, as the time to go to sleep inches nearer, you tend to get lazier. Might as well get the skin sorted before anything else.


Skincare is almost like an obsession, but it is essential to exercise some restraint. Pamper your skin and try and avoid the mistakes listed above. I’m sure there will be nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream skin.