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Why An Emotional Support Animal Is Good For Your Mental Health?

A study found that people with pets face stressful situations better than the ones without them. So someone always on the borderline of hypertension or high blood pressure should adopt dogs from a shelter and see how in a few months the health issues decline significantly. Let me explain how.

When someone plays with dogs, the serotonin and dopamine levels increase, the chemicals responsible for calming down. Moreover, people staying alone should keep a pet to get unconditional love and enjoy the valuable companionship. The emotional support animal can learn about your emotional state after looking into eyes just like a human friend. They’re quite good at interpreting your voice tone, body language, and responses to various activities.

Apart from snuggling with this furry friend and the immediate joy that these pets get, they have several physical and mental health benefits that we’re completely unaware of. Let’s explore some of them.

Produce Neurotransmitters

With love and bond, there is an increase in neurochemicals associated with pleasure. The boost in serotonin and dopamine levels relaxes and also increases the humans’ capacity to care for others. This makes them feel safe and less depressed. Besides this, they can bond with humans well when they are confident.

Moreover, neurochemicals help in reducing stress-induced pain as the ESA keeps the patient distracted. They give them proper care and attention to ward off the symptoms by providing an enormous amount of emotional support.

Helps in Anxiety

The number of people being diagnosed with anxiety issues is increasing in the U.S. from the past few years. An ESA can help you to deal with such excruciating situations. Be it a funeral, flight, going out to buy flowers, or medical treatment, they act as perfect support. Even the presence of an ESA makes a lot of difference to help people travel without being anxious.

Although doctors provide medicines to control the fear of people, they have many side effects. While the ESA cares for you, it can add years to life by boosting your immunity and happiness. Even touching the wagging tail or purring cat can calm you down. They walk you through troubles and help in handling depression symptoms. Interestingly emotional support animals use a lot of new tricks, to stimulate your curiosity and move your focus towards something positive. They act as a source of relaxation in every situation, where before going you had to pop some pills.

You’ll notice a change in your interactions after staying with an emotional support animal. There’ll not only be an improvement in the human interactions but with time, you’ll also develop a bond with other pets.

Mental Illness

ESA is quite helpful for people with any health issues and supports them to deal with mental health conditions without being overwhelmed. When patients are focused on them, they don’t have any self-doubt.

They provide them the love and appreciation required after a big loss. The quality of life improves when people have an ESA by their side. They are called a miracle cure for providing the comfort to live a happy and healthy life. However, if you’re not an animal person, they won’t be able to improve your life in any way. And, people who adore animals will get unconditional love from emotional support animals that will help them to deal with mental health issues.

They acknowledge your emotions and warm the heart of the toughest person. After receiving love daily, the good feelings  will improve your efficiency. Such therapies are being suggested by the psychologist to treat severe mental disabilities. They bring much-needed comfort to the people in need. There has been awareness about the emotional support of rabbits, horses, and dogs in the last decade for their cheering presence. Due to this, there was a growth in the ESA to help people with mental disabilities. The vast improvements in their overall health led to more people taking aid from the emotional support animal.


If you’ve identified the symptoms and prescription medicines are not helping, then consider getting an ESA. The unconditional love you receive from them dramatically improves mental health. And, they encourage you to re-engage in various activities and with people to live a meaningful life. They are not the treatment themselves but help you in dealing with emotional high and low. It’s a good method to stabilize your living situation and improve mood. Their constant presence helps you regardless of the day or time.

Always, take your counselor’s advice to get an appropriate emotional support animal for your disability. The counsel may guide you on how to get a letter to live with an emotional support animal in the home. And, add some general information about how the ESA helps in alleviating the symptoms of the disability. This documentation will allow your ESA to accompany you to various places.