Odorless Cannabis? It’s about to get real pretty soon!

Odorless Cannabis? It’s about to get real pretty soon!

What dictates your choice of stash? Honestly, for most people it’s the taste and smell. The dank smell of cannabis is what drives people towards it. Well, the aroma is the first indication of the quality of a particular strain. However, that does not always work in your favor. The characteristic smell is the prime reason why people get busted. I’m sure you don’t like the sound of that. Surely, nobody wants to get busted. Thankfully, we seem to have a solution now. Odorless cannabis is about to be a reality.

A Canadian company is developing the variety

CannabCo Pharmaceuticals based in Brampton, Canada claims to have access to a technology for developing nearly odorless variety of cannabis. The company is currently seeking a license from Health Canada to get the right to develop this new variety. It has teamed up with an undisclosed technology provider to make this thought into a reality.

Named PURECANN, this pioneering technology can eliminate the characteristic smell of your bud while storing and remove all traces of aroma when the bud is burnt. This can reduce the harshness or that uneasy feeling in the throat while smoking cannabis. Surely, if you’re a smoker, you can relate to that. This is especially the case with first timer users who cannot digest the harsh feeling. Well, I can understand that it can mess with your experience. The new variety will surely be a sigh of relief for many.

The same fact was also mentioned by the COO of CannabCo, Mark Novak. He feels that this variety of cannabis can make it easier for people to indulge in the benefits of cannabis without any visible issues. So, if you’re one of those who finds yourself on the same page, this new upgrade will surely attract you. The good times finally start.

What’s the status presently?

get real pretty soon

The company believes that the manufacturing process is fully compliant with the GMB standards. This is a great indication for the potential market cap of the product. The multinational companies will be more driven to invest in the product and reap in profits. Surely, the main target would be medicinal and recreational marketplace.

However, the product will presently be limited to Canada. But the American growers are definitely taking notes. This development surely holds great potential for the US market.

It’s not hard to find people getting busted in the US. As you would have guessed, the prime source of this problem is the smell. The cops always keep an eye on the potential catches. So, it gets pretty hard at times. The cops are known to extort money through these busts. Thankfully, cannabis is legal in most states. So, the problem is not that prevalent.

As of now, CannabCo owns a Confirmation of Readiness granted by Health Canada. Now, the company looks forward to build a pilot facility in Ontario, Canada. Also, after the licensing process the complete, the company plans to roll out full-fledged range of cannabis products in the market. They will cater to both recreational and medical users.

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What kind of change can we expect?

It’s set to induce some positive changes. And it’s definitely good news for most smokers. For instance, you want to light your bud during the lunch break. In a normal scenario, the dank smell will be easily recognized as you walk past the corridor. But with the new variety, you won’t leave any trace and smoke your stash more easily. This surely answers the concern of most people regarding the cannabis smell. It tends to be a problem in enclosed spaces. So, with this pioneering research, the way we perceive cannabis, is set to change forever!

And until then, you can always use other cannabis products to medicate yourself. Remember that with a mmj recommendation you can get access medical marijuana in New York . Your doctor can help you find the right products and dosage to manage your medical condition.

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