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5 Self Defense Strategies Every Woman Should Know

Self defense isn’t karate or martial arts, it’s the simple art of defending yourself. You don’t have to learn a high kick or an eagle claw to do that. All you have to do is know your strengths and weaknesses, make precise movements and be alert, at all times. If you’re one who’s expecting us to give you tips on how to rip out an attacker’s heart or intestines, how to crush every bone in their body, you’re in the wrong place. Our job here is to tell you exactly what will work for you in a vulnerable situation, and how you must react without harming yourself. 

Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Instincts

Nothing, we mean absolutely nothing, is louder than a woman’s instinct. If you have a bad feeling, it’s probably not paranoia. And even if it is, putting some distance or finding shelter in a crowded place for the time being will not do you any harm. But never disregard your instinct. Most women who join self defense courses do so after they’ve been attacked or witnessed someone be attacked around them. And every time you’ll hear the woman go, ‘I had a bad feeling’. Listen to the voice that’s in your head and don’t delay your response just because you don’t want to act/ sound crazy because crazy is better than being assaulted, any day. 

Practice Target Denials

Self defense isn’t about fighting your opponent when they attack you. More often than not, it is about avoiding your targeting from getting to you. If you ever find yourself in close proximity with another person who seems pervasive, or gives you the creeps, it is best to put some distance between the two of you. This could mean walking over to the other side of the road, finding a group of people to stand with, or simply enter any cafe or restaurant that you find nearby. If you’re in a building waiting for the elevator when a presence disturbs you, do not get on the elevator. Do not take the fire escape. Wait for the next elevator, this will not only save you from getting into a compact space with the person but also clarify your doubts about them. You can also contact the building’s private security London to escort you to your house if you still do not feel safe. 

Be Confident

Be Confident

Even when you aren’t, even when you’re shaking on the inside, don’t let your attacker know they’ve got some kind of control over you. But this does not mean that you must exude overconfidence or provoke them with your words or actions. Instead, be a target they do not want to pursue. It is usually the meek, easily frightened and fumbling women that attackers target. When you’re out, ensure that you walk confidently and are aware of your surroundings at all times. 

Maintain a Non-Confrontational Stance

You’re not equipped to be in a fight, nor can you win one if your opponent is bigger and stronger. Then how do you defend yourself? With the element of surprise. If you assume any fighting stance, your attacker will be more persuaded to attack you in a fight you cannot win. Instead, stay composed, assume a relaxed stance with your hands up and open that might make your attacker feel like you’re going to fight back. This is when poking your fingers directly into his eyes or nose can give you the right opportunity to get out of there. Run, do not look back. 

Opt for Simple Techniques

Opt for Simple Techniques

You do not want to fly and kick your attacker. You do not want to beat him till he bleeds. What you want is to get out of the situation with minimal damage to you. This is why following through with any martial art moves will not work in this scenario. Instead, it is crucial to keep your movements small but effective. One such move can be striking the nose of your opponent with the heel-palm of your hand. This won’t hurt your hand but will definitely break his nose or make it bleed if done with the right force. You can also strike two fingers right into his eyes or drive your knee right into their groin. 

Apart from these, staying vigilant, and keeping a safe distance from creeps is extremely important. 

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How to Have a Slow Morning Routine Even if You Don’t Have Time?

We all have been made familiar with the importance of morning routines over and over again. But what if we don’t have enough time in the morning and even an hour seems less at times? 

Not everyone can push their waking up time by an hour or so and it is totally acceptable. Having a good quality, 8 hour sleep is more important than trying to recreate some fancy morning routine.

However, this does not mean waking up 15 minutes before you are supposed to start working is acceptable.

Even if you have just 30 minutes you can have a slow yet productive morning routine. No running around.

Have an Evening Routine

Have an Evening Routine

Well, it is a no brainer. If you don’t have time in the morning you need to start from the night before. Select what you would like to wear, eat, pack for lunch a day prior. This way you can cut the time you waste in deciding what to wear and avoid skipping breakfast. If possible, make your lunch and breakfast a day prior as well. You can go with overnight oats, parfaits, cold salad, and wraps.

Combine Your Silent Time With Your Washroom Time

I don’t think morning routine articles on the internet include the very obvious washroom time. You can use this time to multitask. While you are in the washroom, doing your business, you can sit in silence and meditate simultaneously. Instead of going through social media or playing music, try to sit in silence with your eyes closed while taking the dump or showering. While brushing your teeth, look in the mirror and silently recite your affirmations to yourself. There you go, you have started your day with meditation.

Eat While Your Coffee Is Brewing

Eat While Your Coffee Is Brewing

If you love your morning coffee as much as I do, you will probably like the idea of having it first thing in the morning. It’s bliss, I know but it is bad as well. So, while your coffee is brewing or your kettle is boiling the water for you, have your breakfast. There’s no point standing and waiting for the water to boil or coffee to brew, you can invest this time in doing something else.

Your Coffee Is Hot, Don’t Blow, Write

Instead of trying to get your coffee to the desired temperature, you can write in your journal. Instead of filling in the pages, just make some pointers of whatever you want to write. 3 things you are grateful for, 3 things that you did yesterday for yourself and 3 things you plan to do today. Make small points and you are done. If your coffee is still hot, you can read something or make your bed.

Get Ready

Get Ready

Again, when getting ready you can silently meditate and connect with your thoughts. Breathe and relax while changing your outfit, doing your skincare or makeup and maybe smile for no reason. This way you will meditate again and probably calm yourself down in case you start feeling anxious. Use this time to plan your day as well. In your head, think what all you need to get done by the end of the day and what are the tasks that you need to prioritize. Make a structure of the day in your head and now tell yourself that you can do this easily.

It’s Time to Leave, No?

We are done, right? It’s time to leave for the office, isn’t it? Or do you still have some time? Well, if you do have some more time, consider writing down the structure of the day you just created or maybe go through your emails. If not that, take a look around yourself and see if there is something that needs to be done. Is your bed made? Are your clothes in the laundry basket? Are the dishes stacked in the dishwasher already? Is the coffee table clean? Anything that needs to be done should be done at this point. And if there is something that will probably take longer than just a few minutes make a note of them and make sure you do it as soon as you are back home. For instance, if there is a plumbing issue, make a note that you need to book an emergency plumber in Milton Keynes while coming back from the office and get everything repaired by the evening. This way you will again be stress free in the morning.

That’s it, you are done for the morning! Have a great day.

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5 Haircuts That Can Change Your Look Completely

Looking for ways to spice up your boring old look? Changing the hairstyle is an established way of spicing up any look. There is also something strangely satisfying about switching up your look from the old boring one that you have had since always. Well we have 5 haircuts that you can try out that will help you transform your look completely. 


One haircut that is known to be effective in completely transforming the look of a person is a badass pixie cut. This hair solution is one of the best cuts for any modern fashioned woman of the 21st century. Most suitable for an oval face shape, women trying to come up with a haircut to completely change their entire look can take the help of a great pixie look. Where it is considered boyish there is something spectacularly feminine about this short hair style. It is super manageable and with the help of coloring your hair you can keep experimenting with it as much as you like. The only thing to remember for a woman with a pixie cut is to trim the hair often as it grows back way too fast.

Layered Cut

This haircut is as the name suggests a way of introducing layers throughout the volume of the hair. This is a very common misconception where the person overthinks about the possibility of losing the volume of the hair which is completely nonsensical. The aspect of layering simply adds to the texture of the haircut in fact giving a fuller look to the person. The good kind of mess that originates from this cut is taken as the ideal image for many magazine covers. When the layers are cut by a good stylist, it becomes even easier to manage. For the overthinkers they can simply make use of delta 8 THC flower strains from the Island Now to relax their mind and stop thinking the negative of everything.

Introducing bangs

If you have never had an experience with bangs, you must. Introducing bangs in your hair will make you look like a completely different person and you’ve already halfway there with spicing up your look. When executed rightly they are fun to try out. Not only that, they always make you look younger and excited which is something most of us are aiming for in our lives anyways. They might be high maintenance for a while but they do make you look cute, so does it even matter in the long term.

Long Bob

Where the old bob has been tried and tested multiple times, there is a new introduction of the long bob which is seemingly more exhilarating to try out. This new fun haircut gives a fuller look to your face and is both sexy and cool that new models in particular love carrying. You can also use different types of hair creams and sprays that can help you get that cute messed up look that is immensely popular amongst the young influencers of today’s day and age. Add a few fringes on top and curl them and make the ends especially wispy and see how you look like a model next door. 


This rock and roll haircut is evergreen and is something that suits anyone giving it a timeless feel. It also gives an effortless look to the person while also giving a rather adventurous cut. It adds a lot of texture and if you pair it with the right outfits you can easily carry a guitar to stage and probably play it like a rockstar. Okay that’s exaggerating it a little bit but this look will definitely make you feel super confident and cool in your skin. The only exceptions to this haircut can be women who have either super curly or super straight hair as the overall texture then makes your hair unmanageable but otherwise anyone with a normal hair type can get this cut done whenever they want. 

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Secret to Healthy Skin: Everything Diet

What you put on your skin matters less than what you put inside your body.

It goes without saying that a balanced diet that can provide you all the required nutritional values will certainly enhance your glow naturally. And trust me, this is going to be more promising than any skin regime you follow.

It is a preconceived notion that a healthy diet is difficult to follow and expensive, well let me tell you, it is not as expensive as the products you buy for your fancy “skincare routines”.

There are a few changes that you can introduce in your diet AND your lifestyle that would help you a lot in achieving that naturally-glowing-sunkissed-blushing-face. Let me list them down for you.

Chug in that Water

Nope, avoid that beer and have water instead. At least 12 glasses in a day, please. Your skin needs that more than the oh-so-expensive serums and hydrating masks.

Start your day with a large glass of water, when I say large, I mean Venti. Which reminds me that you need to avoid coffee as your first drink. Caffeine as your first drink is a big no-no for all the possible reasons.

A Bowl of Salad a Day can Keep Acne at Bay

It is all about how you make that salad interesting without adding the unhealthy pasta and dressing. Salads aren’t as boring as they sound.

Try this recipe and this shall change your opinion about salads:

Have diced cucumber, bell peppers, tomatoes, onion and lettuce in a bowl and add chia seeds, grounded flax seeds, pumpkin seeds with lemon juice as your dressing.

It doesn’t sound fancy but it is super delish and healthy.

Salad being mostly water and raw vegetables won’t make your skin oily or prone to acne and it shall hydrate your skin, so yay yay!

Make Green Tea your Best Friend

Green tea, consumed or applied, can do wonders to your skin and I don’t find a single reason why you would not include it in your diet. Sure, it might taste funny initially but you’ll get used to it.

You can even use the used tea bags. Just keep the frozen or cold tea bags on your eyes and bid goodbye to dark circles and puffiness. Your eyes will thank you for this.

Take those Multivitamins

Multivitamins are important. Either incorporate them in your diet or take supplements. Works both ways. Usually people find it difficult to incorporate vitamins and micronutrients in their diet so multivitamin pills and gummies help a lot.

Along with your multivitamins, include Delta-8 gummies for your mental health as your stress reflects through your face and can certainly affect your skin. I do not have to tell you how a stressed person looks and loses all their glow.

It is better to take care of your overall health and let it reflect through your skin. The more sound your body and mind is, the more glowing your skin shall be.

Avoid Dairy

Consumption of dairy has been a controversial point since pretty long. Some say it is good for health, some say it is not. As someone who has been consuming dairy all their life, you should try avoiding dairy and see if this works for you. There is a probability that it will work in your favour and you would not regret cutting out on dairy but it is better to first try it out for some time and see the results.

These little additions and subtractions in your diet along with your skin care regime can do wonders for you and skin is not the only part that would witness betterment, there shall be an enhancement in the overall health.If you have come this far, I would recommend you to read my blog on skincare mistakes that you might be making and combining these two would double the results for you.

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What Are Benefits & Risks of Combining CBD & Exercise

Whether you are preparing for the professional league or just want to maintain healthy body weight, regular exercise is necessary. CBD for pain relief and muscle relaxation has gained popularity among Americans in the past few years. Many experts believe that it can be used as an amazing, natural alternative to NSAIDs and other pain medications.

It’s due to the relaxing, anti-inflammatory qualities of CBD that many athletes consider it as an essential tool for sports recovery. Even many retired sports professionals such as Ryan Vandenbussche, are big fans of cannabidiol. In fact, Vandenbussche owns a 64-acre farm for growing marijuana for medical use.

What is CBD?

CBD is one of the important cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, it delivers non-psychoactive effects. In other words, you won’t get high after consuming CBD. Some experts say that CBD can help counteract the mind-altering effects of THC.

There’s scientific evidence that CBD has the potential to ease pain, anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer chemotherapy side-effects.

In the United States, hemp-derived CBD (with less than 0.3 percent THC) is legal. However, the hemp must be grown by licensed growers. Anything more than 0.3 percent THC will be counted as cannabis. And, you require a medical marijuana card in New York to access it legally.

Major Benefits of Adding CBD in Fitness Journey

It Reduces Pain

CBD for pain relief

There’s no doubt that CBD can help relieve pain, thus promoting wellness. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors, thus reducing pain signals.

Studies have found that CBD can help inhibit the absorption of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that regulates pain. Additionally, it can calm overactive pain receptors in the brain. That’s why it’s often considered for managing severe illnesses, such as muscle spasms, fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.

It Manages Inflammation

CBD delivers amazing anti-inflammatory effects whether it’s ingested or applied topically. In fact, patients with anti-inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis, Crohn’s disease, etc. prefer using CBD for easing their symptoms. CBD provides ultimate relief from sore muscles, thus delivering quick recovery.

By managing inflammation, CBD can help reduce the risks of sickness, weight gain, and other related health issues. The amount of CBD you should take depends on the severity of your condition. More inflammation means more CBD. 10-20 mg of CBD works well in most cases. Talk to your medical professional for dosage-related advice.

It Eases Anxiety

Athletes often become anxious due to the pressure of performing in training sessions and competition. Research says that CBD and THC can help decrease anxiety and fear memories, thus enhancing sports performance.

How CBD oil works for anxiety?

You can find a wide range of CBD products, such as CBD concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, etc. CBD is usually categorized as—isolates, full-spectrum, and broad-spectrum. Full-spectrum extracts contain important compounds such as flavonoids and terpenes, which work together to deliver stronger medicinal effects.

It Promotes Muscle Relaxation

CBD is an amazing muscle relaxant. It works by influencing GABA-A receptors, thus calming the body and promoting muscle relaxation. Low levels of GABA can lead to cramps, muscle spasms, etc.

So, CBD can help improve joint and muscle health. According to Runner’s World, CBD with icing, stretching, etc. is commonly used for tendonitis injuries related to the knee, including iliotibial band syndrome.

It Improves Sleep

CBD’s calming effects can help boost sleep. Studies show that sleep deprivation can increase the levels of cortisol—the stress hormone, and decrease the production of glycogen and carbohydrates, which are converted into energy when you work out.

Sleep is necessary because it helps provide muscle relaxation. Roger Federer said, “If I don’t sleep 11-12 hours per day, it’s not right.”

Side-Effects of CBD

Although CBD provides various health benefits, it has various side-effects. Some of the common side-effects associated with CBD use are-

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Reduced appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth 

Moreover, the CBD industry isn’t well-regulated in the United States. Apart from Epidiolex, there’s no other CBD-based drug approved by the FDA. Moreover, there are shops and stores selling low-quality CBD products.

According to the latest analysis by Leafreport and Canalysis, 63 percent of the CBD products tested contain higher CBD content than marketed. Researchers tested the potency of 40 products of 21 best selling CBD companies.

Moreover, CBD can interact with certain medications, thus increasing/decreasing their effectiveness. Many experts recommend not to mix CBD with medications that come with a grapefruit warning.

So, it’s good to talk to a licensed doctor before you start using CBD.

Final Thoughts

CBD is beneficial in managing pain and inflammation. So, it can help athletes with quick relief from sore muscles and pain. Science says that it works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, thus changing various functions, such as mood, memory, sleep, etc.

If you are considering adding CBD into your exercising schedule, do comprehensive research, and check the ingredients before buying any product. Beware of the companies selling products with higher CBD content than what they advertise. Start with a low dose and increase gradually. Consult with a medical marijuana doctor in New York to seek professional help.