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5 Haircuts That Can Change Your Look Completely

Looking for ways to spice up your boring old look? Changing the hairstyle is an established way of spicing up any look. There is also something strangely satisfying about switching up your look from the old boring one that you have had since always. Well we have 5 haircuts that you can try out that will help you transform your look completely. 


One haircut that is known to be effective in completely transforming the look of a person is a badass pixie cut. This hair solution is one of the best cuts for any modern fashioned woman of the 21st century. Most suitable for an oval face shape, women trying to come up with a haircut to completely change their entire look can take the help of a great pixie look. Where it is considered boyish there is something spectacularly feminine about this short hair style. It is super manageable and with the help of coloring your hair you can keep experimenting with it as much as you like. The only thing to remember for a woman with a pixie cut is to trim the hair often as it grows back way too fast.

Layered Cut

This haircut is as the name suggests a way of introducing layers throughout the volume of the hair. This is a very common misconception where the person overthinks about the possibility of losing the volume of the hair which is completely nonsensical. The aspect of layering simply adds to the texture of the haircut in fact giving a fuller look to the person. The good kind of mess that originates from this cut is taken as the ideal image for many magazine covers. When the layers are cut by a good stylist, it becomes even easier to manage. For the overthinkers they can simply make use of delta 8 THC flower strains from the Island Now to relax their mind and stop thinking the negative of everything.

Introducing bangs

If you have never had an experience with bangs, you must. Introducing bangs in your hair will make you look like a completely different person and you’ve already halfway there with spicing up your look. When executed rightly they are fun to try out. Not only that, they always make you look younger and excited which is something most of us are aiming for in our lives anyways. They might be high maintenance for a while but they do make you look cute, so does it even matter in the long term.

Long Bob

Where the old bob has been tried and tested multiple times, there is a new introduction of the long bob which is seemingly more exhilarating to try out. This new fun haircut gives a fuller look to your face and is both sexy and cool that new models in particular love carrying. You can also use different types of hair creams and sprays that can help you get that cute messed up look that is immensely popular amongst the young influencers of today’s day and age. Add a few fringes on top and curl them and make the ends especially wispy and see how you look like a model next door. 


This rock and roll haircut is evergreen and is something that suits anyone giving it a timeless feel. It also gives an effortless look to the person while also giving a rather adventurous cut. It adds a lot of texture and if you pair it with the right outfits you can easily carry a guitar to stage and probably play it like a rockstar. Okay that’s exaggerating it a little bit but this look will definitely make you feel super confident and cool in your skin. The only exceptions to this haircut can be women who have either super curly or super straight hair as the overall texture then makes your hair unmanageable but otherwise anyone with a normal hair type can get this cut done whenever they want. 

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5 Ingredients to Add in Your Skincare Routine if You’re in Your Early 20s

Having a skincare routine is a ritual we’ve all been obsessed with lately, especially since the pandemic started. Trying to have just some amount of control over what goes on around us, and a perfect way to distract ourselves from the ruins around us, skin and body care were the go to regimes for a majority of us. 

This time of self care has also introduced us to some amazing, and amazingly affordable skincare products, or ingredients as per this article, that can help us get that glossy and healthy skin. 

The best part- it doesn’t have to be a 10 step korean skincare routine. It could be as simple as a 3 step morning routine of – cleanse, hydrate and SPF or a night routine of – cleanse, active and hydrate. 


I swear by this one. This is one of those ingredients that can be added to any skincare routine and will benefit you nonetheless. A topical form of vitamin B3, this one’s a great option to hydrate, treat hyperpigmentation, reduce sebum production, improve skin elasticity and so much more. 

If you have oily or acne prone skin, this can do marvels for you. This ingredient, by itself, can reduce your sebum, reduce your sebaceous filaments while also hydrating your skin to keep your oil glands in control.  


We know you associate retinol with growing old and wrinkly, but that’s exactly why you can start using it now. 

This topical form of vitamin A works like a miracle to stop and slow down the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while increasing the production of collagen. Retinols are often recommended by estheticians for the treatment of acne, rough patches and pigmentation. 

The best part, you can find plenty of products that combine the potency of retinols and niacinamide. Both these ingredients are safe to use together, the hydrating niacinamide can help your skin get used to the retinol which can often be irritating. 

When adding these products into your skincare routine, make sure that you don’t combine two ingredients that can cause harm to your skin

Products like retinol, which can be combined with niacinamide cannot be combined with vitamin C or AHAs & BHAs. 

Chemical Exfoliants

This one is more of a general category than a singular ingredient but that’s just because of how well these ingredients work in synergy. If you’re one to still opt for that crunchy, crusty scrub and run it all over your face till it turns red, please stop. There are plenty of exfoliants out there that’ll show results with the first use and still be gentle on your skin. 

AHAs like glycolic and lactic acid, and BHAs like salicylic acids and beta hydroxybutanoic acid work wonders when it comes to removing the top layer of dirt, sebum and sebaceous filaments. So opt for a mid- week self care day, as you apply you glide your peel pads on your face and wait, shop delta 8 gummies while you’re at it and end your routine with a hydrating mask or lotion. 

You can even get these in cleansers, toners, serums, masks or overnight creams- so go on, choose your type of product and go off! But don’t use it more often than is recommended. 

Vitamin C

This citrusy ingredient has proven to be an amazing addition into my skincare routine. From lightening scars of hyperpigmentation to reducing the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin texture and reducing sun damage, you can definitely benefit from this ingredient in your routine. 

As long as you put on sunscreen everyday when you go out in the sun, vitamin c should be your go to ingredient. Without the use of SPF, the application of acids on the skin isn’t recommended. 

Hyaluronic Acid

Ending the list with the best, at least that’s what I think. Why? Because hydration beats everything. 

Whether you’re one with dry, flaky skin or have oily, acne prone skin, you can find the right product with just the perfect concentration of hyaluronic acid in it. For dry skin, the ingredient can be found in some extremely hydrating night creams and overnight masks while those preferring lighter applications can opt for hyaluronic acid based serums. 

There you have it, our favorite five for that fabulous skin you’ve been pinning for! 

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Top 5 Self-Care Tips You Need This Summer

Following a Self-care routine should be on the top of your to-do list. Though we never follow our to-do list, yet trying everyday to become a better version of ourselves is what keeps us going in this hustling world. And now that summer is all upon us, what can be a better season to begin!

Studies have shown that summer is the most active season which brings lots of energy and long days. That gives you an ample amount of time to invest in self-care. So, here are some of the easiest self-care tips that you should try this summer- 

Soak up the Sun

Soak up the Sun 

Summers are popular for the bright sunlight that each day brings. Soaking up the sunlight can be the best mood booster for you as numerous studies have shown the sun is a good source of energy. Getting off your bed in the morning can be a tedious task but you

won’t ever regret enjoying those morning rays while sipping your favorite beverage on your balcony. Try this only for a day and thank me later! 

Practice Dental Hygiene

Practice Dental Hygiene

Taking care of your dental hygiene is the most vital thing irrespective of any season. The moment you wake up, your teeth come into action. Right from brushing to having your last meal of the day, they do not stop working. So, one cannot afford to avoid proper dental hygiene until they want to visit a dentist soon. 

And who doesn’t want to flaunt their white brightening teeth in their workplace? Investing in some of the best teeth whitening kit for brighter and healthier teeth can be a smart choice this summer. This will boost your confidence to say ‘cheeeese’ while taking a group picture. 

Take a Random Trip

Take a Random Trip 

Ever thought of taking a random trip with your friends or family or even alone all by yourself? If not, then you are missing out on a lot. When was the last time you decided to ditch your gadgets and go for an outing? The happy feeling you get from a sudden plan can never be replaced by binge-watching Netflix in your room. Studies suggest that trips with your dear ones can be one of the best stress-busters for humans. I know with all the hectic schedules we have, thinking about a random travel plan can be a bit problematic but put this thing on your self-care list at least once a month and see how you feel. 

Be More Active at Work 

Working straight for 8 hours at your desk is undoubtedly the most tiring thing of the day. Knowing that one has to follow this routine at least 5 days a week, feeling comfortable in your office space should be a must self-care thing. Do not feel lazy to get up and take a walk around. Even doing a bit of stretching at your seat could make you feel much better. 


Breakup With Your Phone – Patch up With Water

When was the last time you did not touch your phone for at least an hour? You can’t even remember, right!  With all the work going digital, staying away from your phone seems impossible but a managed schedule and self-discipline can help you here. 

Try avoiding using your phone if it’s not for work purpose. Now, you can utilize that time by drinking a lot of water and visiting the washroom every 10 minutes. This will not only keep you hydrated in summer but will also keep your body in action.

These were some of the basic self-care tips that will surely help you this summer. 

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A Handy Guide to Recycling your Beauty Products for Winters

So, your shampoo bottle just finished? What are you planning to do with it? I know you’ll toss it in the bin and you’re done with it. I wish I had the right to arrest you. Honestly, it’s not a joke. Humans fail to understand the harm we induce on nature through our careless attitude. That’s not how it should be. Global warming is something that we should not ignore. Beauty is an important aspect but we need to aim towards a sustainable existence. We should ensure that our cosmetic routine does not harm the real beauty that is nature. And in winters, it’s even more visible. 

Some Facts to Ponder

The scale of harm that we subconsciously cause cannot be measured. There is already too much going around us. According to research by the leading cosmetic brand Garnier, 56% of Britishers don’t feel the need to recycle the bathroom products. As you would’ve guessed, ‘tossing in the bin’ routine is pretty popular. Surely, it deserves the praise!! Hang on! Let me entertain you with some more facts. The cosmetic industry produces over 120 billion packaging units every year. A large part of this waste consists of plastic and you already know how good plastic is for the environment. With random waste littered everywhere, preventing environmental hazards becomes a problem. Well, there is always a solution. Let me tell you how you should recycle. 

Find a Recycling Spot

Every place has its own set of rules that decide what you can recycle and what you cannot. You should check that from the local government. There might be certain restrictions. So, you’ll have to make sure that everything falls in place. Also, do some research and find a market that accepts products to recycle. You’ll probably have to interact with the responsible authority and dump your waste at a designated spot. These are eventually sold to companies that do the actual recycling. 

Check the Labels Carefully

The product labels can tell you a lot about the potential to recycle. If you have paper or cardboard boxes that’s a sure sign that they are recyclable. There won’t be much problem with it. Well, to be sure about it, look for a triangular icon on the package you’re planning to recycle. You’ll notice it the arrows. I’m sure you have seen that before. It’s not hard to notice. If you’re not sure what’s that called, it’s the Mobius Loop. Sounds fancy but it’s pretty useful. Also, there are certain clues that you need to keep an eye on. I’m talking about the numbers. If the container is made of plastic, it probably has a number mentioned at the bottom. Experts say that 1 or 2 denote it’s recyclable plastic. Number 3 means PVC and it’s hard to recycle. So, pay attention to the labels before you decide to recycle. Also, pay attention to the material because that’s important.

Plastic Bottles 

After you’ve gone through the labels, you need to figure out what products you want to recycle. Well, most plastic bottles are fit for the recycling industries. These include shampoos, skin lotions, hand wash, and conditioners. Well, before you decide to recycle make sure you clean and empty them completely. Also, don’t remove the lid and don’t dump it until it’s finished. For instance, if you have some shampoo left in the bottle, do not squeeze it out in the sink. Instead, finish it and then pack your bin for recycling. 

Aerosols and Cellophane

The most common aerosols include the deodorants and hair sprays in your stock. These can simply be used and kept as a collection. Ideally, you can take the empty can and flash some catchy paint to reuse it as a decorative at your home. Make sure the cans are empty before you decide to reuse them. Well, it’s a different story with cellophane. Most of your new beauty products come wrapped in the cellophane sheet. Sadly, these cannot be recycled and you’ll have to dump them.

Glass Jars

These are pretty easy to recycle. Just make sure they are emptied and you wash it with hot water to remove any traces of chemicals. Once you do that, you can use it as a decorative or keep it as a portable bottle to store your shampoo. Honestly, there is a lot you can do. It just depends on you what you’re aiming for. If you want to hand it over to a recycling program that’s pretty good too. 

It’s not just limited to that, a lot of brands run their own recycling programs. For example, leading cosmetic brand Kiehl offers a free sample for every 10 products you return to the company. Similarly, MAC runs a back to MAC scheme where you get a free lipstick for every 6 packages you return to the company. So, plenty of companies are stepping into the recycling game. It’s high time that you should be considering the same. Pamper yourself this winter with some concern about the environment too.

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Steps to Apply Your Skincare Products in The Right Order

Have you ever wondered what happens if you apply face oil before a moisturizer? Or are you just content with the idea that there is no such thing as applying skincare products in order? Well, to your disappointment, there is an order. And the good news is, if you apply all your skincare products in the right order, you will definitely see good results. So, ask yourself one question, do you apply your skincare products in the right order? If the answer is no, you might be barring your skin from receiving the full benefits. Although unknowingly, yet, someday it will affect your skin in the long run. So, what is the correct order to apply skincare products? Read on to find out.


Make-up Remover

I am sure you wear make-up. Even if you don’t you may be applying sunscreen and silicone-based products on your face. This is to say that whether you wear make-up or your day should end with a double cleanse. So, begin with a makeup-removing cleanser. I personally use coconut oil (unrefined) and cotton to remove any make-up from my face. Even you, can choose a make-up remover that best suits your skin and clean your make-up using cloth or cotton. Next, take a muslin cloth, dip it in warm water and then let the steam soften your skin for a maximum of ten seconds. And remove any oily residue or make-up excess on your face.



Now, that you have successfully managed to remove your make-up, go ahead and clean your skin. In other words, ensure that even the tiniest bit of make-up is removed from your face so that you don’t end up waking with breakouts. In my personal opinion, a sulfate-free cleanser always works best for all skin types. Not only this but a sulfate-free cleanser will not disrupt the pH balance of your skin. So, make sure you use a cleanser or else a face wash to remove excess oil and dirt from your face.



This step is optional. Although, there is no harm exfoliating your skin at least twice a day. You see exfoliation will help you remove the dead skin from your skin. As long as you’re not over-doing your skin by exfoliating, you will be completely fine. In my personal opinion, it is mandatory to remove dead skin cells from your skin in order to see a positive difference in your skin. Also, soon after exfoliation, your skin will be ready to fully absorb the products that you apply later on. In addition to this, also don’t forget that excess of everything is bad. So, using a scrub regularly can cause your skin to get irritated and dry. Choose a scrub that is hydrating and gentle and preferably purchase a lactic acid-based scrub for your skin.


Treatment Products

This is the most crucial and essential step because here is your chance to allow deep penetration of the skin-care products. As I mentioned earlier ensure that your skin is completely clean for treatment products to work efficiently. Now, if you have acne, you can apply the products that have been prescribed to you. For instance, prescription Retin-A – it works wonders for skin with mild to moderately severe acne. You can also use Vitamin C serums, or some antioxidants to nourish your skin. However, never use more than one active on the skin. Your skin might end up getting dry and flaky if you use too many active at the same time. So, I suggest that you use one active at one time and wait for the results to reflect through your skin.


Hydrating Serum

A good serum will help you retain the moisture your skin needs. I think everyone should have a hydrating mist in their skincare products collection. If your skin type is normal to oily, the humectants will help you attain moisture when needed. On the contrary, if your skin is dry, a layer of hydrating serum beneath the layer of oils and creams will help you keep your skin fresh. Basically, the role of a mist is to pack all the moisture in your skin and then prevent it from having break-outs. Also, a hydrating mist will help you soothe your skin.


Moisturizer and Eye Cream

Next in the line is moisturizer. Although I personally recommend that you should not use a moisturizer quite regularly, especially if your skin is oily. You can get away with a serum or a mist, even if your skin is normal. I tend to skip this step in summer but I always moisturize my skin during winters. As far as dry skin is concerned regular moisturizing will do your skin no harm. Furthermore, an eye cream will work wonders for you if you apply it every night before going to sleep. So, select an eye cream that best suits your skin and then apply the cream regularly. Especially if you are looking for a skincare regime that can help you participate in modeling events. After all, you would not create a portfolio using an online portfolio builder, only to upload pictures with acne and scars on the face.


Face Oil

Not everyone is a fan of face oils but some essential oils really work wonders for the skin. For instance, jojoba and rosehip oils are really good for acne-prone skin. Though I would personally recommend that you first apply it on your skin, see if it suits your skin type and then let this step be your last moisturizing step. You see oils have many benefits and the most beneficial part is that oils tend to lock-in the moisture in the skin. Not only this but oils are also naturally beneficial. They have a redeeming effect on your skin. All in all, you can begin your skincare routine with oils and then eventually end it with monounsaturated or saturated oils. Also, remember to stay away from polyunsaturated oils. Acne-prone skin can face serious skin irritation and severe breakouts after using polyunsaturated oils.