7 Ways to Impress Your Crush Without Confessing Your Feelings

Remember the butterflies you get after catching a look of your crush? The feeling is beautiful. Having a crush on someone is undoubtedly one of the best feelings to experience. You just cannot concentrate on anything else but to fantasize about them. You imagine fake scenarios of your conversations in your head. You can’t help admiring their personality, especially that cute ‘smile’. 

You might play if he likes me quizzes on a quirk generator but that’s not what’s gonna help you. Enough of the imagination, at the end you always want your crush to at least notice you. Below we share top unapologetic ways how you can impress your crush without even confessing your true feelings. Read on. 


This is the most important way you can get your crush to like you. Be Yourself. People try to pretend or fake their personality just to grab someone’s attention. But that’s just not helpful. You might end up impressing your crush by faking your behavior but that won’t last for a longer period of time. Do not just focus on skincare routines to grab attention. Be who you are and be fun to be around. After all, everyone likes a genuine personality. 

Control Your Overflowing Emotions 

Do not let them know that you like them. This might completely ruin the excitement part. There have been so many scenarios where a person tells the other person about their feelings and it just kills the whole fun part. And hey, this is applicable for the time when you don’t know much about your crush. Wait until you bond over some time, then you might take the risk to express your feelings. 

Be Confident 

Do not let your shyness stop you from being confident enough to express who you actually are. You are the best when you are yourself. If you are college fellows, ensure that you are proactive in taking initiatives and speaking about the right things. Be happy.This is what attracts people. So, next time you are around your crush, make sure to be confident and they definitely would wanna know more about yourself.

Do Not Afraid to Compliment Them

If you’re at a stage where you sometimes talk to your crush and share that sparky bond, make sure to add some spice to your conversations. This ignites excitement. Though they look good everyday, you might think about casually complementing them on a day and see how they respond. Again. Don’t overdo it. Play calm and easy. After all, who doesn’t like getting attention?! 

Make Small Gestures

Do not be afraid to make small gestures as it might impress your crush. Do not hesitate to initiate conversations and at the same time, don’t be too over excited or nervous. It could be as simple as calling them confidently with their name. Slightly touching their hands with your hands could also spark something beautiful between you two. A healthy flirt doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Look for Things You Have In Common 

This could be very interesting for you. Try to find things that are common between you two. It gives you reasons to connect naturally. You can also initiate conversations about yours and their passion as everybody likes to talk about their dreams. This could actually bring you closer as friends. 

Well, that’s it. These were the top tips to impress your crush without losing your true self. Next time you are around your crush or someone you genuinely like, practice these tips confidently and you shall definitely end up becoming friends with them or more than that. 

By Lois N. Bobb

Lois is an avid animal lover who also dabbles in skincare. She has always been a Kardashian fan, which you will see as you explore the blog . Being a full-time writer, she never misses a chance to write about whatever she can.