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7 Tips for Transferring Utilities to a New Home Before Moving

All set to move to a new location? You might have hired a Jersey City moving company to help you in the relocation process.

But, wait!

Have you transferred the utilities to your new home? If not, do it first. Because no one wants to spend his/her first night in a new home without electricity, water, and internet.

So, it’s necessary to call your utility service providers before you start packing boxes and doing other plannings for the move.

But, where to get started? In this post, we’re going to discuss the important tips for setting up utilities in your new home.

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Tips for Setting Up Utilities in Your New Home

  1. Know your utility service providers- The first thing you need to do before calling Jersey City movers is to know your current utility service providers. Create an excel sheet of all the utilities (such as electricity, water, internet, gas, etc.) and also note their names and contact information. If you’re planning to change any utility provider, write any new information on the sheet as well.
  2. Tell your utility service providers in advance- The next step is to notify your utility service providers about your relocation, and make sure you do so 2 weeks in advance. This will help them schedule their visits for disconnection and other related purposes. If you require any installation appointment of a new provider, make sure you do so 3 weeks in advance.

Also, ask your utility service providers to make the disconnections one or two days after you move to a new home. This is necessary in the case you left with something in your former home and have to visit it.

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  1. Pay your overdue bills- Before moving, pay all your overdue bills. Simply call your utility service providers and ask if you have any bills to pay. You can get this information while notifying them about your relocation.
  1. See if the HOA covers utilities- When moving to a new home, it’s important to check if the HOA (homeowners’ association) covers the basic utilities such as water, electricity, gas, and trash pickup. Paying one bill monthly is easier than paying four or five bills monthly. So, make sure you check this information.
  1. Update your new address- When requesting for installation visits of any utility service provider, make sure you provide the new home address. It’s good to change your mailing address with the United States Postal Service (USPS). By visiting their official site, you can easily set the date when you wish to receive the mails at your new address.
  1. Note final meter reading- When you’re moving, different utility providers visit your house for final meter readings. It’s advisable to keep a record of these readings to avoid unexpected bills in the future.
  1. Conduct a home energy audit- After you moved into a new home with movers in NJ, hire a technician for a home energy audit. This will help you ensure everything is OK and if you require any repairs for furnace, insulation, etc.

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Covering it up—when moving to a new home, setting up utilities occupies a top place in the to-do list. Before you hire a Jersey City moving company, make sure you made all the necessary arrangements for utilities. Call your current utility service providers and notify them about your relocation in advance. In case you’re thinking of changing a utility provider, schedule an installation visit at your new home. Do everything in advance so that you don’t have any problem on the moving day and after you moved to your new home.

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