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7 Tips For Healthy And Strong Nails

Well-maintained nails can really enhance the appeal of your hands and feet. This is why not just women, but also men can be seen spending time and money at salons. Now, taking care of your nails is not just a thing about the appeal but also health.

Your under nails are one of the dirtiest parts of the body and very vulnerable to infections. You may have experienced or seen people with brittle, yellowish nails. It can sometimes be signs of infections. So, taking care of your nails is just as important as any other part of the body. And the best part is that it doesn’t require you to spend hours in a salon. I have a list of tips for healthy and strong nails that are convenient and cost-effective. 

Moisturize your Cuticles

Cuticles serve a purpose. They prevent any bacteria or other infections from entering your body through the fingertips. So don’t go around cutting or pushing back your cuticles. Just let them be. Because otherwise, you’re just making it easy for foreign particles to enter your system. Rather give them proper care. Moisturize them regularly with oil or massage cream to avoid dryness or cracking. 

Keep Your Nails Trimmed

If you wish to have healthy nails, skip on those long pointy nails. Longer nails are vulnerable to getting breakage and bacteria. Properly trimmed nails are the secret to stronger nails. Even CDC says that the first step to maintaining nail hygiene is to keep them trimmed. At times, long nails can also be the cause of some injury. It’s better to keep yourself to keep out of any health risks and regularly shorten your nails.

Look out for Certain Products

A lot of your everyday products are actually harmful to your nails. If you don’t be careful while using certain products. No matter how hard you work on keeping your nails strong and healthy, it will all be in vain. For example, a sanitizer can have a drying effect on your nails and make them brittle. Similarly, your shampoo, especially ones meant for oily hair, can also dry out your nails. Another thing you must protect your hands from is cleaning products. The chemicals in them can actually leave you with flaky and brittle nails. So consider using gloves every time you have to do washing or gardening.

Go Acetone-Free

I am not going to ask you to stops painting your nails. But, make sure your remover is acetone-free. Because acetone is very dehydrating in nature. You already know about the importance of cuticles. Acetone can actually dry out your cuticles and make them flaky. And it has the same drying effect on your nails. So even if you are moisturizing your nails, but using an acetone remover. You are not going to see any positive change. 

Little to No Manicures

Girls love a good manicure. And most of them indulge in acrylic nails and gel paints. While it is fine to have manicures once a while. But, if you are too frequent with them. Then stop! First, those pretty acrylic nails actually start peeling of your nails and weaken them. Second, exposure to UV light exposes you to a slight chance of skin cancer. It also ages your skin much faster. Third, one of the components used in acrylic nails methyl methacrylate (MMA), though banned by the FDA, is still used in some places. It exposes you to allergies and nail damage.

Have a Healthy Diet

Ultimately, your outer health is dependent on a healthy diet. So if you wish to have healthy nails, start incorporating protein-rich food into your diet like fish, beans, eggs, yogurt etc. Also, having supplements of Biotin, fish oil and Vitamin E not only helps to have strong nails but also shiny and healthy skin and hair.

Pay Attention

Nails can actually speak to you. So, always keep a check on the way they look. And if there are any changes. For example, peeling can indicate a vitamin deficiency. And red or swollen cuticles are signs of some infection. As soon as you notice a change, visit your nearest dermatologist.

So if you want to start taking care of your nails, just follow these pointers. They are easy and quick. So, incorporate them into your routine and say hello to strong and shiny nails.