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What Are Derma Rollers & Why do You Need One This Season?

Are you willing to suffer in the name of skin or beauty care? This is a question that must cross your mind whenever thinking about derma rolling. Do you have any idea about it? If not, think about Kim Kardashian’s popular vampire facial back in 2014. She used a Dermapen and used it to inject her blood to the skin layers to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. Definitely, the products available today are not that painful. But, the concept of derma rolling using hundreds of little needles is used nowadays to clean your skin. Although it might look like a minute torture unit, it is actually beneficial without being scary at all. Before getting into the concept of why do you need it, let’s delve more information about the idea of derma rollers first. 

What Are Derma Rollers?

A derma-roller is a type of instrument that helps to create minute pathways in your skin for better penetration of any skincare product. The size of the needles could vary from  0.1 or 0.2 mm. Although, you might find microneedles of 0.5 mm as well. It creates pricks around the skin areas providing enough room for the wound healing process. Hence, eventually, turning your skin into smoother and more plumper. 

Do You Need Any Planning For it?

This method involves drawing of blood, so cleanliness is the element for a clean and infection-free process. Cleanse your skin using a foaming cleanser with antiseptic properties. Preferably use a toner to manage the pH of the skin. Soak your roller in an alcohol-based solution and clean it once a week. 

Why do You Need Derma Rollers?

Derma rollers are more than just drawing blood or skin penetration. It provides a range of benefits, as well. It is only not about getting smoother skin. Instead one can get a lot of medical benefits as well. For instance, these rollers can be beneficial for a lot of skin conditions. You name a skin condition, and derma rolling will be a solution to that condition. That being said, make sure the drum rollers are never used on any kind of blemish or wound. It could puncture or inflame your skin. Or manipulate the chances of wound healing. Ideally, dermatologists performed these tricks. But, with home-versions, it is crucial to know how it works and how can you get the best outputs. Here is how it will be beneficial for you. 

For Reducing Premature Aging

It is not something related to the management of wrinkles. Derma rollers can undo the triggers that could be responsible for premature skin aging conditions. It gives skin a youthful appearance. It helps to repair, strengthen the skin layers along with enhancing the property of elasticity in the skin. So, if you wish to get back in your 30s, using derma rollers will be the best gift for you this season.

For Alleviating Hyperpigmentation 

It is a type of skin condition where the skin starts producing more melanin. Thereby making the skin tone darker around the pigmented skin. It makes a lot of people feel low and insecure about themselves. Derma rolling can be an answer to all your pigmentation issues as it will help to shed the topmost layer of your skin and produce melanocytes that will give away the same tonal quality as you had earlier. The process could also eliminate the effects of pigmentation. 

For Unclogging Blocked Pores

Clogged pores or large pores on your face definitely have a lot of cosmetic issues along with increasing the risk of developing certain skin conditions such as blackheads, oily skin, acne, and more. These are often localized in certain areas around cheeks or nose. Derma rolling offers support to this skin condition, as well. It will reduce the pore size by inducing the collagen production along with epidermal layer thickening. 

For Reducing Hair Loss And Hair Growth

Derma rolling can have bidirectional benefits for the people who have hair loss issues and wish to promote hair growth as well. If you use derma rollers on your scalp, you might reverse the effects of hair loss. You can use it to facilitate the absorption of hair loss lotions or medications. Furthermore, it will improve the blood supply in the areas around hair follicles. Therefore, it will inhibit the chances of hair loss. 

For Reducing The Acne Scars 

Acne is often associated with blemishes and pimples. But, the thing that usually affects people is the left out scars as skin goes through the process of inflammation and damage that is often irreversible. With derma rollers, one can go for the skin healing process pretty much faster with all the micro-needling and collagen production. Also, if you use rollers along with hyaluronic acid, it will accelerate the healing process by managing the skin hydration. 

For Reducing Stretch Marks

This is a concern among millions of women during and after their pregnancy. They have to deal with marks and scars that could not be recovered. With derma rolling, you have the probability of getting back your skin to a stretch-free state as it will repair the skin layers and help the skin to get back to its original state.

Do Derma Rollers Actually Work?

In theory, there can nothing be better than using derma rollers with minimal injuries to your skin. Usually, such microabrasions trigger the brain that your skin needs the support of collagen or elastin. A lot of studies have confirmed that derma rollers have a role in improving a lot of skin conditions such as melasma, acne, scarring, and hair loss. But, there is still a lot of mystery about its safety as you must avoid using derma rollers in certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne cysts. Also, one must avoid going for retinol products whenever they plan to start using derma rollers as it might be too much for your skin. 


Derma rollers are a technological advancement where you take care of your skin problems on your own. But, doctors and manufacturers recommend using it once a week along with an SPF product to add an extra layer of protection so that your skin easily adapts to such changes easily.