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Gardening Using Green Technology: How Does it Work?

In this emerging era, technology is becoming an essential part of almost every aspect of our lives. And gardening is, of course, no different. Our amazing mother nature and the latest technology today are working together to provide us with the healthiest and tastiest food. And from the latest gadgets to new innovative processes, technology is surprising gardeners in almost every way it can.

But is this new way of growing really as good as us gardeners? And if yes, how can we use it to enhance your process and improve our overall produce?

Let’s find out what “Green Technology” is, and how it exactly works.

Why Involve Technology in Gardening?

There are various parts of the world where gardening is nothing more than just throwing a few seeds in the soil and letting nature work its magic. And for people who are fortunate enough to live in such a place, these technological hacks for gardening are perhaps just a fun addition to their basic gardening knowledge. However, not everyone is fortunate enough, obviously. And due to the limitations caused by climate, resources, and space in various parts of the world, technology becomes a necessity for many gardeners.

But even if we forget the above fact, the world today is becoming more and more fast. And given our hectic lifestyles, where we are always working or traveling, seldom do we find time to connect to nature. Technology gives us this chance. Even for a short while, it helps us get back to where we came from. Along with this, the use of technology can help us produce more and better food. Given this, even many global and local leaders are supporting and encouraging this move. I read a news article recently in which Diana Jiang, a contender for Irvine City Council elections, said that being from a technical background, she understands the importance of technology in gardening and totally supports it.

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Now, let’s take a look at how green technology is helping gardeners get the best out of their efforts.

The Smart Way of Gardening in Soil

Even if you live in a place where the soil is available sufficiently, smart technology can help you improve your overall yield as well as reduce your resource use. And there are multiple ways of doing so.

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The most common one is probably you are aware of already- drip irrigation. In this way, instead of using a hose, you water your plant using a direct-to-root system, which is a lot more precise. However, if you are still more comfortable with the traditional way, there are certain systems available in the market that have the ability to tell you when your plants need the water. For this, you just need to install a stick-like device into the soil in close proximity to your plant. This device will check the water level in the soil and will inform you whenever it goes low.

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponics may seem a little complex and intimidating in the beginning. However, in reality, the process is very simple.

But before that, let’s understand what hydroponics actually is.

It is the process of gardening in which you raise your plant in nutrient-rich water instead of soil. You place the roots of your plants in water, and from there it obtains everything it needs. In addition to this, the method requires a light source above the plant. The method is quite famous among people who prefer indoor gardening. 

Now, what are the benefits of using hydroponics?

Well, hydroponics is a very effective and environment-friendly way of growing vegetables, as it requires only a tenth of water a plant needs with a traditional growing method. Other than this, plants grow a lot more quickly and are larger comparably. But the system is still not very bulky if you plan on shifting your house or something. However, there is one drawback. The water once used cannot be used again and has to be discarded.

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Aquaponic Gardening

Aquaponics, right now, is a technology-in-making that has the potential to revolutionize the whole gardening arena. It is the process that combines the two existing technologies- hydroponics (soilless gardening) and aquaculture (fish farming). The system works in a close loop, with both supporting each other. In this particular system, the waste produced by the fish is fed to the plants. And the existing water is filtered by the plants. This makes the system truly organic as you are not wasting or discarding anything.

However, there is one drawback with this technology too. The problem with aquaponics is that it required good knowledge and discipline. Plus, the system can be a little costly. But if you decide on starting it, it can become a life-long hobby for you.

This is how green technology is emerging and making the gardening process as easy as possible for all of us. Are you using any of these processes? If you have any gardening story related to technology, do let me know.