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Use Positive Reinforcement To Train Your Pet

There is a long term discussion that has been going on between two different schools of thought that exist between dog owners. One that believes in punishment and the other is positive reinforcement.

Positive reinforcement refers to instead of punishing your dog; you ignore the behavior you do not like and reward the ones you appreciate. Rewards can be any form of treats, life rewards(walks, games, etc.) or walks. The idea is to eliminate the violence and instead focus on the right behavior.

Clicker training is another effective way of teaching positive reinforcement, but if you don’t want to use the clicker, you can still use treats for your pet.

The punishment is often not very useful in disciplining as it can make your dog aggressive — a very unbecoming quality for an emotional support animal.

Below we have outlined some essential points that can help you discipline your dog via positive reinforcement.

Involve Everyone

Positive reinforcement is a collective effort. This means every member of the family has to contribute towards the training. Considering you don’t need to speak in a firm tone, use force, or be in the danger of hurting your pet, getting the family involved shouldn’t be too tough.

If its other methods of training like leash correction, your child might not be able to control the situation, but with positive reinforcement, all you need to do is give your child a couple of treats and teach them the commands that you are following and voila! You have an assistant.


Keep Your Communication Clear

For positive reinforcement to work, you need to communicate clearly. You have the decision making power and are telling the dog what you want him to do. If they do it, they get rewarded otherwise not.

When they get rewarded, it is clear to them what it is that they are doing right. Punishing, on the other hand, is slightly complicated.

The message of the scolding is never clear, and all you could end up doing is teach your dog that they should avoid the accident when they are with you. This is why if you have a defecating dog, it is very tough to catch them in the act.

Due to this, a lapse in communication punishment is a highly ineffective way to train a dog.


Teach Multiple Behaviors

Training methods like leash correction and punishment are a very messy way to teach your dog anything. In the case of behavioral issues, it can worsen the situation even further.

Aggressive dogs can get even more aggressive, and shy dogs might never come out of their shell.

Dogs also have anxiety issues, and living in the constant fear of not knowing when your next punishment is going to be dealt is no way to live.


This is also where clickers have proven to be the most effective, according to multiple studies. For fearful as well as aggressive dogs, clickers bring about a sense of peace.


Encourages Mental Stimulation

A bored dog is the worst; all of us know that. It is often because of boredom that animals develop other behavioral issues like inflicting considerable scale damage on the house.


Training keeps that boredom contained and offers a good outlet for energy.


Once you have decided to give your training through positive reinforcement, you might be surprised at the amount of energy that they manage to burn off just by learning how to follow commands.


Keep It Light

Training sessions aren’t supposed to be a drag. They are short, upbeat, and positive. These sessions don’t have to be dragged out. Once the dog starts to associate the session with good things in their life, they too will begin to enjoy it.


You dog is bound to become eager to learn, even if it is just for the prize at the end.


Foster a Stronger Bond

Dogs are more than pets for most people. They are an integral part of the family. Positive reinforcement strengthens the bond both of you have. Other methods to train your emotional support animal might be useful for correcting behavior (barely ). Positive reinforcement goes a step ahead.


It corrects behavior while ensuring that the dog has a certain amount of trust in the actions you take for it.

emotional support animal

Think of it in your case. Would you like to be beaten up every time you did something wrong, or would you like to be talked through an issue?

In a supportive environment, it is much easier to thrive and create a bond.


Other training methods might not make your dog love you less, but for sure, they will never be able to showcase their personality.


Dealing With Issues

Positive reinforcement works through a steady chain of consistency and patience. It might be a slow method as your dog might jeep doing the wrong thing over and over again. You might get frustrated and want to snap; it is only human nature. But remember it is not worth it.


They might not get the words, but they get the vibes. So, try and be positive, and your dog will pick up on it.


Fear might be a stronger teacher, but it isn’t a way to live. When was the last time someone was happy under a dictator? The answer is never.


You get a dog into your house in the hope they will become a part of the family, but if you can’t take out the time or find the patience within you to treat them well, you may as well not get one.


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7 Skincare Regime Mistakes Every Woman Makes

In the past couple of years, it is very evident that we are in the middle of a skincare revolution. We today more than ever are looking at options to enhance the base of our beauty, even though now more than ever, we have got products that offer coverage that was unprecedented before. Your skin is your largest organ and was earlier also highly neglected. Things, of course, have changed. Over complicated skin routines run rampant. It is challenging to cut through the clutter to achieve your dream skin. You might be loaded with ointments that claim to be miraculous, serums that are more boujee than any piece of jewelry that you own, or maybe you are stocked to the brim with sheet masks and are into the whole K beauty trend.


You could have eleven steps in your skincare routine, or you could have five. It doesn’t matter; you could be going wrong at any of those steps. I love the whole routine of cleansing, toner, and so on along with sheet masks twice a week, but I too at one point was guilty of going a little overboard. So, what are the mistakes that you might make with your skincare regime?


You Cleanse Too Often

God knows from where but someone, once upon a time, propagated that the probability of getting acne decreases if you wash your face often. I regret to inform you that, my friend, is not the case. If you continuously keep cleaning your face, the only thing you manage to accomplish is stripping the top layer of your skin of oil that can make the skin release more oil. This leads to the release of more oil, causing whiteheads, blackheads, clogged pores, and my favorite acne. If your goal is to have a balanced skin, then limit your cleansing to twice a day, and always follow up with a moisturizer.


You Tug On Your Under-Eye Area

I believe laugh lines are beautiful, look at Diane Keaton; I love her. But if you keep on pulling at the delicate layer of skin around your eyes, you could be aiding in premature aging. This action usually takes place when you are removing eye makeup through vigorous rubbing. Instead, hold a remover on your eyelids and gently wipe away. Similarly, take an extremely light approach while patting on some eye cream as well. Pat along the contours of your eyes using your ring finger as that would apply the least amount of pressure on the under the eye. Pat away till it sets in.


Choosing The Wrong Skincare Product

Skin is not a one-size fit all. What is working for the majority doesn’t necessarily have to work for you. A huge part of you might want to just but all of those pretty lotion in all the pretty bottles on aisles but don’t. Stick to products that are -first, formulated for your skin type, second -contain ingredients that you are not allergic. The ideal product is what you achieve at the end of a tedious journey. E.g., Oily skin handles a foaming face wash well, whereas a creamy cleanser is excellent for sensitive skin.


You Believe In Lather

People are no longer as dirty as they used to be in earlier times. You are no longer covered in grime at the end of the day. The only place where your shower gel needs to go is where you have concentrated sweat glands. Nowhere else. Behind the ears, armpits, groin, and that’s just about it. Let the rest of your skin can breathe.


You Put On Too Much Product

This one, most of us are responsible for inflicting on our skin. We have this weird cultural thing where more is somehow better. It is not. We rarely need as much product as we are currently putting on our face. A pea-sized amount is enough to cover our face; beyond this is just giving into our nature of going overboard.


Keeping Your Makeup On All Night

Even the best of us go through this one. With alarming frequency, I must add.  It does not make it okay, however. Makeup blocks our glands, and if you sweat or produce oil throughout the night (let’s be honest, you will ), you will end up clogging your pores. If your defense is that I don’t even put on that much makeup, I just do the eyes, and that can’t be that bad.


Well, you are wrong. Sleeping in your mascara or eye shadow can lead to the pigments falling inside your eyes. That can lead to eyelid dermatitis and conjunctivitis. The skin on the eyelid is the thinnest on the body and can be easily infected. If the whole routine seems too much after a long night, use a wipe that should be enough to keep the infection at bay.


You Do Your Routine Right Before You Sleep

Your skin needs time to absorb all the things that you put on it as a part of your skincare routine. If you don’t give it time to dry up, then you might end up wiping it all your skincare away on your hair and pillowcase. Also, as the time to go to sleep inches nearer, you tend to get lazier. Might as well get the skin sorted before anything else.


Skincare is almost like an obsession, but it is essential to exercise some restraint. Pamper your skin and try and avoid the mistakes listed above. I’m sure there will be nothing that can stop you from achieving your dream skin.